SD Labs to Present at the Association of Health Administrators in the Philippine Government Service, (AHA).

SD Labs is pleased to present our SD Pro and SD ST products to the Philippine medical leadership community by participating in the upcoming national conference of the Association of Health Administrators in the Philippine Government Service, (AHA). The AHA is an organization for health and operations professionals working in Government Hospitals from the Department of Health and the Local Government Units and other settings in the Philippines, who support the nation’s healthcare program.

Founded in 2005, AHA Inc. has been focused on advancing leaders in the field of healthcare management and has been providing information, education, and advocacy for its members. The purposes of the association are:

  1. To foster, encourage, and promote cooperation and fraternal relationships among its members.
  2. To solve problems in healthcare services thru mutual help and exchange of ideas.
  3. To strengthen the position of the members of the association in the family of Government entities.
  4. To secure better privileges and benefits for its members.
  5. To enlighten and direct public opinion with regard to the problems in health services with the end in view of solving such problems with the least possible delay.
  6. To collaborate actively with organizations involved directly or not in healthcare delivery for the promotion of health services responsible to the needs of the Philippine people.

Dr. Joseph DeVito, the Chief Science Officer of SD Labs, will be presenting an overview of our long-lasting antimicrobial coating solutions to the organization. Dr. DeVito and Frank Catapano, the CEO of SD Labs, will be answering questions from the participants in this virtual conference scheduled for November 17, 2020. Learn more here: