SD Labs™ surface coating products are made with a US EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredient proven to kill or inactivate a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold through a physical mode of action. The positive ionic charge in the active ingredient attracts microbes to the coating and physically ruptures their membranes killing microorganisms and inactivating viruses. The active ingredient is stabilized with proprietary surface tension releasers and other ingredients allowing the product to be applied to almost any surface. The unique chemistry offers an industry-leading level of performance for long-term durability and is backed by a wide array of scientific, academic, and independent laboratory data. SD Pro and SD ST create an invisible coating that functions as a continuously self-disinfecting surface capable of killing germs for many months.

Where most disinfectants only kill germs when wet, SD Labs’ surface coating products form a durable coating that continuously kill dangerous microorganisms for extended periods of time. 

Because the products bond at the molecular level, they are not readily degraded by routine cleaning or disinfecting processes when using non-abrasive products and tools. Our coatings have been demonstrated to kill or reduce the levels of microbes that come in contact with the coating for up to twelve months with a single application.

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