Athletic Facilities

One of the greatest challenges for athletic facilities is controlling against the spread of infectious diseases through contact with exercise equipment, sports gear, gym mats, artificial turfs, trainer’s tables, whirlpools and locker room benches and floors.

Those infections can run the gamut from flu virus and MRSA to an array of skin infections which include athlete’s foot, impetigo, and wrestler’s herpes. In a recent report on the proliferation of skin diseases among the athletic community and strategies for combating outbreaks, the National Athletic Trainers Association argues that “a clean environment must be maintained in the athletic training facility, locker rooms, and all athletic venues.” 

Nothing can ruin a good season like an outbreak of COVID, flu or MRSA. Whether professional or collegiate, teams that lose key players lose games. And losing games can mean losing financial support at the turnstiles or from donors. 

By using our SD VO EPA registered disinfectant to kill a vast array of pathogens on a daily basis, in concert with regular cleaning and an the application of SD 90 or SD 90+to continually control bacteria that can cause damage, stains and odors, athletic facility owners can improve the overall environment in their facilities, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use.

"For fitness clubs, dojos and gyms, an outbreak of a skin disease can do permanent damage to your reputation and business. "

Contact us to review our comprehensive solutions to kill harmful pathogens using our EPA registered disinfecting and chemistries and  to provide long term control of stain and odor causing microorganisms with SD90 or SD 90+  applications.


Target Areas

The SD Labs' Approach:

Much of the time clinicians are relegated to treating athletes who have contracted infections after the fact. And while there are preventative measures prescribed by athletic directors and fitness club managers, those are predicated on individuals following rigid protocols. Hand sanitizing, sanitizing equipment between uses, and continually cleaning shower stalls and locker roomfloors are all important methods of controlling the spread of infection. However, at best they are only as effective as the individuals tasked with performing them.

By contrast, SD Labs’ approach is to educate the end users about proper practices, equipment and chemical use followed with the optional application of our SD 90 and SD 90+ surface treatments to complement these enhanced procedures.