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Even the cleanest houses are home to various kinds of surface-damaging bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew.

Surfaces that include kitchen counters, TV remotes and bathroom floors can contain high levels of microbial contamination. When family members touch those surfaces, the transfer of those microbes can begin, leading to cross-contamination. Staphylococcus, salmonella and E. coli are among the most common pathogens encountered in residential settings, and, regardless of where a contamination originates (e.g. mishandled raw meats, the bathroom, pets or wet basements), can all cause serious illness. 

In the meantime, the presence of mold in the home can have negative implications for the structure, a home’s market value, and the well-being of its inhabitants. Exterior surfaces are particularly susceptible to mold, with some forms being toxic. Exterior mold is primarily found on siding, patio furniture and decks, while interior mold is often hidden from plain sight. Mold on shower curtains and bathtub stalls is usually not difficult to detect, which is not always the case with mold in the attic, in the basement or inside of walls. 

For many individuals, mold can have adverse health effects.  The Institute of Medicine has linked indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people. The potential for illness due to mold is exacerbated, it said, in infants, children and the elderly, as well as in individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems. As asthma and allergy rates rise, clearly new methods to address IAQ are needed. 

By using our non-toxic SD VO to kill vast array of molds and pathogens, and an application of SD ST or SD Pro to continually kill bacteria and mold, homeowners and renters can improve the overall environment, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use in their homes.


"Potentially dangerous microbes can harbor in almost every area of the home, with the largest concentrations found in the kitchen, according to recent studies."

SD Labs’ approach is to provide a long-lasting “always on” antimicrobial coating on surfaces to continuously kill bacteria, fungi and mold. SD ST can be applied directly by the resident to provide protection of a surface for up to 90 days, while our commercially applied SD Pro product has been engineered to last up to twelve months or more from a single application


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The SD Labs' Approach:

SD Labs’ approach to protecting your home’s environment is to proactively manage the surfaces inside and outside of your home with one of our long-lasting surface coating products. SD ST and SD Pro are safe, effective and can help reduce the use of toxic chemicals used inside and outside your residence. Applying SD Lab’s SD ST and SD Pro coatings to common touch points throughout the home can reduce the spread of germs while working 24 x 7 to kill these organisms as they are brought into the home.