Hospitality & Travel

While they attract millions of visitors each year, cruise ships, hotels, amusement parks, tourist attractions and casinos are areas where infectious diseases can easily be transmitted due to the multitude of common touchpoints.

For many of the industry sectors, the issue is a direct existential threat as media reports attract headlines, sometimes deterring people at the height of the booking season. Business and pleasure travelers are increasingly cognizant of the threats associated with travel and look to organizations that take proactive approaches to addressing their concerns. 

By using our SD Clean and SD VO disinfectant  to kill vast array of pathogens on a daily basis, and complementing these with the application of SD ST  or SD Pro to continually kill viruses, bacteria, mold and  mildew the hospitality industry can improve the overall environment in their facilities, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use while creating a better customer experience.

"By most accounts, 80% of infections are spread by touching contaminated surfaces. "

SD Labs’ approach is to provide a long-lasting surface coating that is continuously self-disinfecting and kills viruses, damaging bacteria, fungi and mold. SD Pro’s durable coating typically lasts up to twelve months or more from a single application.


Target Areas

The SD Labs' Approach:

Too often, hospitality companies are forced to react to public health and mold outbreaks and this is usually long after significant reputation damage has occurred.  SD Lab’s surface disinfecting chemistries and coatings enable  executives and facility managers to take a proactive approach to stop problems before they occur. Our long-lasting antimicrobial based surface coating technologies provide a cost-effective solution that is colorless, odorless, and durable. Large areas can be treated quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to facilities of this type. SD ST and SD Pro work continuously to kill and control viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi that can adversely impact guests operators and staff.