Correctional Facilities

Prisons, jails and detention centers are faced with unique health challenges. 

Crowding, poor hygiene and rationed access to soap and water are among the factors that can lead to sudden outbreaks of flu virus, MRSA and other communicable diseases. Prison health-care staff are aware that one or two instances of illness can spread like wildfire and it is not uncommon for facilities to go into lockdown at the first signs that an outbreak might occur. 

When a prisoner or staff member comes in contact with a contaminated surface, the transfer of microbes begins, resulting in cross-contamination that can lead to illness,  additional costs, and disruption to the facility on many levels. 

By using our E Water equipment to kill a vast array of pathogens on a daily basis, with an annual application of SD Pro to continually combat bacteria that can cause damage, stains and odors, customers can improve the overall environment in their correctional facilities, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use.

"Up to 80% of infectious diseases are communicated through common touchpoints and surfaces."

SD Labs’ approach is to provide an enhanced level of knowledge to the facilities team to help them better understand the appropriate use and application of surface cleaners and disinfectants with a sensitivity to removing products that can be weaponized (alcohol and chlorine bleach based products) while introducing our SD 90 and SD 90+ to complement these new solutions to control surface damaging and odor causing bacteria, fungi and mold for extended periods of time.


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