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For many of us, more time is spent in the workplace than anywhere else.

It is not surprising that offices, factories and other workplace facilities have germs spread all throughout their environments. Exposure to these germs can cause illness which can adversely impact productivity, operational costs, health care costs, morale and most importantly the health of employees. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that up to 80% of all infections are spread by hand contact with contaminated surfaces and direct human contact. 

The Journal of Environmental Medicine (JOEM) suggests that respiratory illness alone can cost as much as $134 per employee per year and 1.4 hours of lost productivity per day. Some bacteria can live for two hours or more on a hard surface while others can remain for much longer periods of time. Research has shown that greater than one-third of employees are germ conscious and care about the health and cleanliness of the workplace.

While studies have demonstrated contamination throughout multiple areas of the workplace, the highest levels of contamination have been found in office break rooms and kitchens. These germs are than brought back to work stations by employees and subsequently spread throughout the facility. No one can avoid germs entirely, but by proactively protecting surfaces from these harmful pathogens, the risk of illness can be reduced, sick days can be decreased and productivity can increase. 

The newest research with employers reveals that the largest “cost” of illness is not medical care but lost productivity. This makes prevention of disease a better investment than ever. SD Labs can assist you with your efforts to protect you and your employees by helping to mitigate the spread of microbes which can cause illness, stains, odors or surface damage in your workplace environment. 

By using our SD VO and electrostatic equipment to kill a vast array of pathogens on a daily basis, coupled with the use of SD ST or SD Pro, employers and commercial real estate owners can improve the overall environment in their facilities, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use. Helping employees understand that the facility owner is working to proactively control the spread of illness is key to assuaging their fears and making them feel valued.

"According to the National Health Interview Survey, influenza alone is responsible for about 200 million days of reduced productivity and 75 million days of work absence annually."

Aside from direct contact, the most common way that these illnesses are spread is through contact with contaminated surfaces. Common touchpoints such as desks, computers, drinking fountains, door handles and lavatories are all potential transmission points for a wide array of potentially harmful microbes.

While traditional disinfection and cleaning are generally effective in immediately reducing the bioburden on a treated surface, they provide no long lasting benefit. In almost all cases, as soon as a surface dries, it is immediately vulnerable to recontamination. SD Pro differs from those products in that it works continually, 24/7 for up to twelve months with just a single application.


Target Areas

The SD Labs' Approach:

SD Labs’ approach to protecting your environment is to dramatically reduce the ability for dangerous microorganisms, viruses and molds to exist on the surfaces inside and outside of the workplace. New chemistries, equipment and validation testing are effective tools for proactively addressing these challenges.

In contrast to most commercial products that are often highly toxic, SD Pro is colorless, odorless and “green” and has an efficacy which outperforms all disinfectants in the marketplace. The ideal treatment for an office or workplace setting is to have SD pro applied by our trained applicators or partners to ensure global coverage of all surfaces for a year or more. SD ST is also available for direct purchase in a self-applied 32 oz. spray bottle. Whether it’s to protect your personal work area or to address common areas and touch points throughout the facility, SD Labs provides employers and employees with a level of assurance that offers everyone in the workplace peace of mind.