Public Transportation

Millions of people around the world walk in and out of trains, buses, airplanes and taxis every day. 

Subway stations, bus depots and airports are swarming with people at all hours. Every time someone coughs or sneezes and then touches something, there is an increased chance for spreading germs. 

Transfer of those microbes to a surface such as a bus seat, an airplane tray, a subway strap, a turnstile, or a token vending machine is inevitable and occurs continuously. As such, public transportation can be a very dangerous place – and a perfect catalyst for transmission of germs to outbreak or even epidemic levels. 

By using our SD Clean and SD VO products to preclean surface and kill a kill vast array of pathogens on a daily basis, and utilizing semi-annual applications of SD Pro to continually kill these organisms in between normal cleanings protocols, transportation providers can improve the overall environment in their operations, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use throughout their systems.

"Among the millions of daily travelers are, of course, individuals that (knowingly or unknowingly) are infected with any one of 1,500 microbes that can cause illness."

The possibilities for cross contamination of germs are everywhere one looks. In a USA Today article, noted microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba reported that he often finds strains of influenza virus, E. coli, MRSA and norovirus on airplane tray tables, overhead latches and lavatory doors. With new concerns over the transmission of COVID, the level of public fear is at an all time high. The Application of SD ST and SD Pro to help instill greater confidence in the transportation systems around the globe can be a key means to enable the public to begin travelling more frequently.


Target Areas

The SD Labs' Approach:

Transportation managers no longer need to wait until an incident occurs to improve the environment for the travelers they serve. The SD Labs’ approach to these issues in the public transportation realm is to be proactive rather than reactive. In protecting the environment by treating surfaces and common touchpoints with SD Lab coatings, travelers are afforded a new level of comfort previously unavailable. Transportation managers, in the meantime, can mitigate the risk of contamination and any subsequent damage to their company’s reputation, as well as the potential financial impact that it may entail.