FlySense® is a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for detecting Vaping, Bullying and Property Destruction in Educational Facilities

SD Labs is pleased to introduce a multi-functional sensor system to help schools address the challenges associated with Vaping, Bullying, Personal Security, and Physical Property Damage using a single, low-cost, web-based device. FlySense® is a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for detecting vaping and bullying — particularly in school restrooms, locker rooms, and stair towers. The solution is comprised of an array of multi-sensor devices connected to a cloud-based platform. Each device can detect vaping, smoke, and noise disturbances that suggest acts such as bullying, fighting, or the destruction of property. When a sensor detects noise levels that suggest a violent act, or chemicals from e-cigarettes, vaping, or smoking, it sends an immediate, location-specific notification to the computers or mobile devices of one or more designated school officials.

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