Hyundai Motor Company Integrates SDLab Korea’s Advanced Antimicrobial Technology into New SUV Concept Car

SEOUL, South Korea & Newtown Connecticut, USA

SDLab Korea has developed a hygienic fabric treated with SD Pro antimicrobial coating from SD Labs and applied it to Hyundai Motor’s ‘IONIQ’ | SEVEN SUV concept car, which was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 17, 2021.

Due to then heightened awareness on the impact of viruses, bacteria and molds to public health, the importance of thorough vehicle interior hygiene management is increasing, along with the amount of time spent inside our vehicles. In line with this trend, SEVEN combined various eco-friendly materials and advanced SD Labs antimicrobial technology for a safer, family-oriented driving experience.

The antimicrobial material installed inside the vehicle, called 'Hygienically Treated Fabric' by Hyundai, has been manufactured with antimicrobial coating technology from SDLab Korea, a company specializing in infection control and prevention based on products manufactured by SD Labs.

CEO Kim Chang-Joo of SDLab Korea said, “We are very happy that our advanced antimicrobial coating technology has been applied to the IONIQ concept car SEVEN. We will take the lead in raising the standard of safety with a solution that is absolutely necessary in the era of Covid that we are facing right now.”

SDLab Korea, LLC is working closely with major domestic and foreign business partners in all areas that require infection control, remediation, and management, such as mobility, specialized quarantine, and home care services.

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View the SEVEN IONIQ LA Car Show release here: IONIQ SEVEN