South African ACS Distributor Initiates Food Service Introduction

SD Labs is pleased to announce a strategic initiative between our African Distributor, Africa Cleaning Services, and HYCHEM, a market leader in the Food Service, Hospitality and Healthcare industries throughout the southern African continent to combat the many challenges in the foodservice industry. HYCHEM has launched an NRCS approved surface sanitizer that can have up to 90 days of continuous disinfecting activity and is introducing the solution as a “continuously self-sanitizing surface.” In South Africa, SD Labs’s products are approved for application to food contact surfaces, common touchpoints such as handles, basins, bathtubs and showers, tiles, countertops, showers incl. curtains, grout, sinks, washable walls, floor, concrete and stone, waste bins, stainless steel and aluminum surfaces, carpets, and upholstery. In the USA, SD Labs products are currently classified as Treated Articles under US EPA FIFRA regulations.
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