SUTL EnvironTECH Applies SD Pro Throughout Singapore Changi International Airport Complex

SUTLEnvironTech of Singapore was contracted to treat all the common touch points throughout all 4 terminals of Changi Airport in addition to applying SD Pro to the administrative, control and support spaces in the facilities. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, CAG has taken a more rigorous approach to cleaning to ensure the safety of airport workers, passengers and visitors. For more than nine months, CAG had been testing a self-disinfecting coating named  SD ST, which is now used in various parts of Changi Airport. Frequently-touched surfaces such as the automated check-in kiosks, escalator and travellator handrails, trolley handles and more, are coated with a layer of SD ST using a special spray gun. This self-disinfecting coating bonds to the treated surfaces and safeguards against viruses, bacteria and fungi for up to six months.